Why The BLOG: I am like everyone else I need motivation, lots of it. I need to be reminded of the things I must do each and every day in order to be successful. I want to constantly level up and reach my potential and I believe my potential is great. This Blog keeps me motivated, it reminds me of the little things that extraordinary success in sales requires from me, and it allows me to level up in my life by doing what I am passionate about… Helping other people!

Professional: I have been selling for years, ever since I can remember. I have worked hard to be successful in sales and I have learned many things the hard way. Some things I learned by watching other salespeople and taking note of what they did well and also not so well. This awareness was like constant training and has been my whole life. I have studied hundreds of salespeople, read dozens of books, watched countless hours of video and gone to different sales seminars. I have taken some of the best training and material and through real-world application, I have created my own very successful style of selling. I share that with you within the New to Sales Blog.

Personal: I truly believe that being great at selling and in sales makes you better in life. They go hand in hand, one works very well with the other. Typically the better your relationships at home and the stronger the trust and bond, the better your ability to walk with real confidence in your professional life and handle rejection, start new relationships, and nurture them over time. I am married to my best friend and with her support, I continue to reach for my potential pushing myself outside my comfort zone. I love my dog and look forward to his overly excited greeting each and every time I come home from the office. For me, personal time is best spent with family enjoying one another. I am also very big on personal development and you will find many of the Blogs are written in this manner.

My Goal is to motivate you, inspire you, and educate you to become a better salesperson each and every day until one day you can consider yourself to be a professional. You don’t just earn the title of Sales Professional because your business card says it, or because you’ve been doing it for a while. You could be New to Sales and have 10 years of selling experience. But if all that experience is really time wasted not learning new things, new ways, and new ideas then you and I can help each other succeed in a greater way. I look forward to helping each other, and thanks for visiting my Sales Blog.

Visit often.

Happy Selling!

Scott Larrabee