In the car business, it always amazes me how much enthusiasm there is on the last day of the month. I remember when I first started selling automobiles a little over 5 years ago, one of the first pieces of advice the guy training me gave was, “Always work the last day of the month.” Umm… OK? I didn’t really understand what he meant until I started actually selling, and spent a month on the floor. There is something electric about the last day of the month in the car business. Everyone comes in motivated to sell, appointments are lined up, managers are making deals and pulling out all the stops, everyone looking for a car goes home in a car that day!

If you’re in sales, regardless if you’re in the car business or not, you probably have monthly goals and quotas to hit. Every month you’re trying to be better than the last, and better than the year before. You want to be more profitable and make more sales. The last day of the month is your last chance to make those quotas, get to the next level in your commission plan, or nail a personal goal you set at the month’s start. Once your month is over and the day has ended, hopefully, everything fell into place the way you had planned. Hopefully, you ended the month strong! If not, then you are probably happy to see the calendar turn and a new month begin.

Regardless, a new month will begin and you’re back to zero, now what?

Whether you had a good or even great month, don’t allow yourself to let off the pedal going into the new month. Too many salespeople get comfortable knowing they have a great commission check coming, or “Big Check Syndrome” as I like to call it, and they waste too much time with the previous month’s success. If you had a bad month, the turn of the calendar can be a very good thing. Sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered, but not if you carry the previous month’s failures along with you for the ride. You have to be able to start a new month with a clean slate mentally, or the new month is no different than the old one. Here are 3 effective sales tips to help you have a successful month, every month!

Tip #1 – Start With Urgency

Start your month the same way you should end it, take massive action! At the end of the month, definitely the final week, I bet you are calling all your current customers, following up unsold customers again, sending out emails, blasting social media, and closing appointments, right? You have urgency because you can see the finish line and you know what kind of month you have shaping up. If it’s a really good one, possibly a record month, you are motivated to close strong! If you aren’t having a good month, you look to do whatever it takes (Ethically) to get to the target. Either way, you have a high sense of urgency these finals days of each month.

However, shouldn’t this be how it is all month long, including the start of a new month? Salespeople talk about how “sales is a numbers game” and “you have your ups and downs” but I’m convinced it’s all baloney. I use to think that way when I didn’t want to take responsibility for my poor performances. The day I decided to take 100% responsibility for everything that happens in my sales career I became more professional and was able to maintain a higher sense of urgency to be successful every day! Start off your month with urgency, in fact, go into each day with urgency because you never know when it may just be your last!

Tip #2 – Take Massive Focused Action

You really should have a game plan in place each month to reach your sales goals. Don’t blindly go into the month hoping you have a good one, make sure that you do. You should set a goal, have a plan to get there, and then you need to take massive action towards it. Send more emails, make more calls, hit social media hard, but make sure you have a plan so your action is focused on achieving your desired goal. Don’t just be busy, while an action is better than no action it’s best to take focused action.

For example, if you are going to blast social media you need to make sure you are always sharing quality content, not just posting to post. This takes time, planning, and some thought in advance, but the results are worth it. Research into the subject has shown that 78% of salespeople who use social media will outsell their peers that don’t. Fun fact in case you didn’t know! Regardless of what it is, phone calls, cold calls, visits, ups, emails, texts, posts, blogs, letters, cards, or anything else I might have missed take massive FOCUSED action!

Tip #3 – Keep A Positive Attitude

Easier said than done though, right? A positive attitude is one of those things that eludes many people, too often. Some have a hard time finding one at all. I don’t care how long it’s been since you’ve made a sale, or heard a yes. A positive attitude is required if you’re going to hear one again anytime soon. If you want to hear yes more often than not, then give yourself a checkup from the neck up and get your attitude right 100%!

Attitude is critical to your success in sales, especially if you want to be successful consistently month after month. Many times your attitude is the difference between your success and failure. Keep your head up regardless of where your sales month is at and you’ll be more consistent each month. Great salespeople have great attitudes, you never know if they are up or down. They are always professional, and they take massive focused action towards their target with a genuine sense of responsibility and urgency.

Wrapping it all up!

Make sure you follow these successful sales tips for more success each month in your sales career. I believe if you use these tips they will have a tremendous positive impact on your performance, attitude, and your paycheck!

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