Every day is a good day to be looking for someone you can help with your product or service. As we come into the 4th Quarter of 2017 I hope all of you are killing your year and your goals. Keep the pedal down and continue to do what has been working for you, even more! If you’re not exactly where you’d hoped to be going into Q4 this is your opportunity to make adjustments and reinforce your commitment to reaching your goals for 2017 with a massive push. Regardless of where you stand right now, October isn’t the only month to be prospecting like crazy, you need to be prospecting every day when you’re New to Sales!

Look for Opportunity and Prospects daily

When you’re new to sales it’s very important that you commit to prospecting daily, regardless of how busy you are. This is a great habit to form when you are first starting out and it will benefit you tremendously. Salespeople who spend time daily prospecting for opportunity have more in their “pipeline” than salespeople who wait for leads or traffic to come to them. Even if your company supplies you with leads, don’t rely on that traffic alone, you need to be prospecting for more business.

In sales, you have to talk to a lot of people to have extraordinary success and reach big goals. While I do agree that quality work is important, you also need plenty of leads to be able to sell enough to have the kind of success you deserve. Prospecting daily will help to ensure you have plenty of leads and customers to talk to about your product or service. No prospecting or inconsistent effort towards prospecting means you are relying on what your company produces for you through advertising, not a good plan.

So to help you here are [4] great ideas for prospecting daily

#1 Contact your current network

When you’re new to sales you won’t have a client base but you will have a powerful network of people you can reach out to. Think about all the people you know, friends, family, previous co-workers and employers, people you went to school with, think about all the people within the network you already have and then get on the phone and reach out to every single one of them. You want to make sure this isn’t a sales pitch or sales call, just a call to catch up. Let your network know what you do and update their contact information for the future. If these people within your existing network make a purchase of a product or service you sell you better make sure they know you’re in the game and how to easily contact you. This will lead to success, do it!

#2 Be aware of your Opportunities

One of the best ways to prospect daily is to be aware of your opportunity to prospect everywhere you go. By definition “Prospecting” is searching for or being on the lookout for something, in your case it’s customers for your product or service and they’re everywhere! If you’re in the car business, insurance business, maybe you’re a realtor or you travel a territory selling, prospects are everywhere you go. Have conversations with people and build your network as you go. Look to connect with people because you never know when just being aware of the opportunities around you will pay off big time.

#3 Know the facts about prospecting

Do you know the best time of day to make a cold call? Do you know which day of the week is the best for prospecting? What about social media, are you using it to prospect for opportunities to help potential customers? Well, the best time of day to make a cold call is not lunchtime, it’s actually been found to be between 4:00-5:00 PM and the best day of the week to prospect is Thursday, followed by Wednesday. There are salespeople right now who don’t wait around for “ups” or need a lead from the companies “internet department” because they are active and successful on social media, and they’re new to sales. These are the facts you need to know! source Once you know the facts, you can use them to help you succeed!

#4 Ask for Referrals 

One of the biggest mistakes salespeople make especially when they’re new to sales and prospecting is not asking for referrals. When you have a relationship with someone and they already know and trust you why would you not ask them for help, or get them involved with your prospecting. As a matter of fact, it’s kinda dumb not too! Your family and friends can be an excellent source of hot leads with the people they know in their network of friends and co-workers for you. Just so you know, salespeople like myself who actively seek out leads and referrals from the people we are already connected with make 4-5 times more than salespeople who don’t. source

Wrapping it all up 

These are just 4 ways to prospect for more leads and customers but believe me, there are plenty more ways to keep your pipeline full and flowing with opportunity and people to help. However, you need to be proactive and realize that when you fail to prospect today, it’s not tomorrow that you will suffer but the following month, or the month after that when your pipeline dries up and you have no one left to talk to.

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