Do you want to be successful and accomplish great things with your God-given potential? I know I do, but it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what you need to do each and every day to move in the direction of success and get the results you expect from yourself. Are you making the same mistake that myself and so many people make every day of trying to do everything instead of narrowing your focus to the few things that will lead to the greatest results by following a proven principal for success?

Many people determined to be successful mistake being busy and taking lots of action for succeeding, or think that’s what it takes to be successful. While I agree 100% with people like Tony Robbins and Grant Cardone who say to take massive action, I also believe that management consultant Joseph M. Juran gave us a simple formula for success and focusing our actions most effectively when he suggested the Pareto Principal named after economist Vilfredo Pareto, otherwise known as the 80/20 Rule.

In sales, as it is with anything in life that you want to have extraordinary results, your success is not determined by how many things you do, but by how narrow you can make your focus and take massive action on the few small things that make all the results you want actually happen. Your goal should be to do a few things really well, not to do everything. It’s critical that you determine what matters most to your success and then do those things!

The 80/20 Rule suggests that a small amount, 20% of what you do and actions you take will create most of your success or 80%. Basically, the majority of what you want in anything in life including your sales career will come from the minority of what you do. The problem is that we get caught in a trap of thinking everything matters equally, but that’s not the case, some things really do matter more and some things just need to be removed from our routines until those important actions have been taken and completed.

I know I have found myself in the mindset of thinking because I am busy I am being productive, have you done this before? You’re checking email instead of making more calls, or organizing your files instead of following up customers from the previous day. Yes, you are busy when you’re doing those things and they have their place and time but are you being the most productive you can be is what you need to ask yourself.

“Don’t focus on being busy, focus on being productive, what matters most should fuel your day!” – Gary Keller

It’s your responsibility to drill down to the few actions that are going to produce the most results. You need to give this some thought and consideration, maybe speak with your mentor or if you don’t have one look to connect with someone in your space who is successful doing what you are doing and find out what things they do to produce all that success. I promise you the most successful people follow the 80/20 Rule whether they realize it or not.

Once you have figured out those key actions or maybe it’s simply ONE thing that will make all the difference you have to be disciplined and say no to distractions. This might mean you don’t check your email every hour, or you don’t organize your files right away. Say no to whatever is NOT the most important work of the day until the most important work has been done.

Remember the point of this principle for success and what I am trying to drive home to you here, is that not all actions matter equally, and success will come from doing the thing/s that matter the most, I promise. When you develop this mindset you will see your results start to increase, and then you can take it even further by drilling down to what is the 20% of the 20% of actions and so on until you find the single most important thing you need to be doing each and every day to fuel your results.

You may not like to hear this but some customers are going to be much more valuable than others, some people in your life will create most your business success, and just a few financial decisions will result in most your financial success in life. It is just how it works, whether we like it or not! But if you don’t figure out who and what these things are that are most important, you will be left with average results far less than your potential.

I challenge you to begin to apply the 80/20 Rule to your life and see what happens, give thought to the actions you take and drill down to the single most important, the 20% of what you do that produces 80% or more of your results and then take massive action on those few things. Continue to drill down until you know exactly what it is that will produce success, and then repeat.

Remember that doing the most important thing each day is always the most important thing, and by following this principle for success you will increase your chances of reaching your potential and enjoying the successes meant for you in life.

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