I began my sales career 17 years ago and like many people who are New to Sales, I had no real experience or formal training and didn’t know if selling was really for me. I still remember my first days on the sales floor selling furniture, I was so anxious, fearful of failure and rejection, and I had a lot to learn about selling to be successful.

However, I quickly learned that hard work, personal development, the right mindset and attitude, and consistent development of your selling skills can lead to great success. I found I had nothing to fear and that selling was really about helping people, not just selling stuff, and that mindset has helped me create a great life and sales career.

Salespeople are very important to the economy, and to the companies that depend on them to sell the products and services they represent. If a company has a great product or service that helps people but the company doesn’t sell those products, no one benefits and the company fails. Salespeople are the ones thatĀ make things happen!

Unfortunately, sales can have a bad stereotype attached to it, and some people look at salespeople as individuals who take advantage of others or operate in dishonest ways. In my experience working with hundreds of salespeople over the years, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as most salespeople I have known are some of the most generous and caring people alive. There are of course some bad apples, but that is true for every profession in the world.

This is why I have created New to Sales. This is my way of giving back to the world of selling which has given me so much. I have developed into a better version of myself over the years and I am constantly growing because of my sales career. I have been able to help thousands of people and make so many great friends and connections selling and helping my community, and I want salespeople new to sales to understand how to do the same.

Selling is not something you do to someone, but rather something you do for someone when done right. It is my hope that if you have made the commitment to a sales career that you learn what it takes to become a professional. Because I have learned so much over the years through experience, self-development, and professional trainingĀ  I want to pass along the information and ideas that have helped me succeed to you.

So enjoy the content on the New to Sales blog, YouTube videos, and be sure to Subscribe to my weekly Sales Tips. Be a part of the community, ask questions, contact me anytime you need help, and remember that being a salesperson is a great responsibility, don’t take it lightly!

Happy Selling!