So how can you overcome “Let me think about it” when you’re new to sales?

As a new salesperson, realize that when your customer stalls with “Let me think about it” there is something that has been missed or not addressed of high importance during the sales process. Many salespeople New to Sales don’t know what to do other than agree to this stall and hope for another appointment or even worse a “be back.”

So what do you do?  Let’s play it out…

CUST:  “Let me think about it.”

YOU:  “I agree Mr. CUST you should think about it, but what I have found is that when people say they want to think about it they really mean one of two things.

#1 You’re not interested

#2 You’re interested, but not sure

—-> Which is it for you Mr. CUST?

Now, wait and let them answer. If your customer tells you that they just aren’t interested then you’re done unless you have an alternative that would be appropriate to offer. If they say they are interested but not sure which is most likely, you answer like this…

CUST: Well, honestly I’m interested but not sure yet.

YOU: I totally understand where you’re coming from, however interested but not sure usually means 1 of 3 things, let me share them with you.

#1 Needs   Does it fit your needs?

#2 Wants   Does it have what you want?

#3 Money   Does the money make sense?

As you make each point explain it and ask if this is where Mr. CUST is unsure. More often than not when you get to the Money you will find your true objection and you can smoke it out. But don’t discount the other two possibilities, sometimes the customer isn’t saying no to money but something else is missing.

Remember that just 24 hours after meeting with your customer they will forget 75% of what you covered with them. After 30 days that jumps to 90%! So make sure you understand “Let me think about it” for what it is, a stall and use this tip to keep the conversation going and really help your customer.

Practice this first with yourself in the mirror, role play it with someone else interested in personal growth and try it out this week at some point. I hope this helps and leads to more conversation when you hear “Let me think about it” with your customer and ultimately the ability to smoke out the real issues and close.

As a matter of fact, I hope this closes a deal or two for you this week, happy selling!

I’m truly rooting for your success, comment below with what success means to you!

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