Have you ever wondered what it is about that certain salesperson on your team that just seems to always be busy making sales regardless of the economic conditions, the time of year, or just about anything else? I know I have, and for me, it was always very interesting. I was always very curious when I was new to sales how certain people around me did what they did to have such consistent success.

What I learned is that we tend to always buy from salespeople we like and have some trust in. Sounds simple right? Well, it’s not so simple for many people all around the world at businesses trying their hand in sales only to find it’s not as easy as it sounded. What I have seen many do over the years when they start out new in sales is trying to be someone they are not. Or even worse, pretend that they know the answers to every question.

There’s not much worse than talking out of school and making promises or claims you aren’t sure of or can’t back up when you’re a salesperson. It’s my opinion that it’s always best when you aren’t sure to thank your customer for the particular question and the opportunity to find the answer and help them. Just be sure that you do find the answer and you retain the information for next time, making yourself more knowledgeable. However, you must learn that not every question you don’t know the answer to requires you to run back and forth like a chicken with its head cut off. Sometimes people ask questions just to see if you’re gonna BS them!

So, why is that salesperson always busy no matter what, what makes them so good? It’s a combination of many things honestly, but one of those things I believe for certain is the ability to add a tremendous amount of value to the experience by creating a genuine relationship very quickly. When you meet a salesperson who is always at the top of the sales board and operates at a high level, you usually meet someone who is genuine about who they are when they are selling and because of that they make a lot of same-day sales and get lots of referrals.

Great salespeople don’t change who they are when they get a customer in front of them, they use who they are to create a genuine bond and experience between them and the person they are helping so that the person they are helping wants to do business with them. Why? Because no one likes a phony, and when you’re genuine and honest with people you quickly earn their favor, and they begin to like you. After some test of time, and it could be as quickly as the first meeting in certain sales arenas, they begin to trust you enough to make a positive buying decision.

When you’re new to sales it’s tempting to try and be someone you’re not, to pretend you know everything and cause yourself to act and talk out of school. Remember that no one likes a phony, people like and trust genuine people who are being themselves and trying to help. You and I can both smell a fake salesperson a mile away, so always be you and if the customer doesn’t accept that then it’s their problem, not yours I say!

Once you find your style and really begin to fine-tune your scripts so they are natural and personal to you, you will have great success with your customers. They will like and trust you and want to do business with you more often than not. They will also recommend you to their friends and family because once people find someone they connect with and really trust and enjoy doing business with they want to come back and send people they know your way because they know you’ll deliver on the experience. People like helping people they like.

Wrapping It All Up!

So strive to always be you and never try to be anything else. You will learn lots of great things from the people around you and you should always be growing and looking for those opportunities to learn something which will make you better. But make sure you make it your own and genuine to who you are. You’ll accelerate your success this way and word of mouth will help you really establish a solid foundation for your sales career.

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Make It A Great Day!


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