Change is inevitable, and if you avoid it you will feel pain in your sales career.

One thing is for certain is that the way salespeople sell today is different with the advances in technology and being able to connect with so many people so quickly and easily and in some cases even for free! Some salespeople refuse to change once they get used to something, while others with methods more modern refuse to see any use in “older” techniques that still have value.

Willingness to accept and adapt to change is how you will realize your potential.

If you stay in the same place all the time you see the same things all the time. If you want to see something new you need to go new places, meet new people, and look for opportunity beyond your comfort zone. Like Zig Ziglar used to say, “You go as far as you can see and when you get there you’ll always be able to see further!” This is very true, but we tend to get stuck in our comfort zones and refuse to accept change when something new comes along and when you do this you always lose because you never get the chance to see the next horizon and go for it. Be ready for a change by continually growing into a better version of yourself every single day.  

Right now you could be a successful young salesperson reading this using modern day techniques and marketing practices second to none to reach your customer base and generate leads, etc. But I promise you at some point there will be new technology, new ideas, and new ways of doing what you’re doing that someone else just like you someday will think is THE BEST way to do it. That doesn’t mean what you’re doing right now won’t have some value in the future, and maybe it will still work best for some people, but being open to trying new things and technologies is a crucial mindset to have especially learning it early on when you’re New to Sales!

There is a lot of debate between MANY high profile, high performing, Type A personalities out there in the sales world about whether or not cold calling is dead for instance. Yes, cold calling is one of those highly debated topics in sales and if you’re new to selling I am sure you have heard about cold calling and the varying opinions salespeople have. Of course, it’s important that you decide what you think and feel to find a way to be successful selling yourself, your product or service, and your company. If you know of a way to accomplish your goals without cold calling, good for you then go for it!

But does cold calling still play an important role in the success of many salespeople? Grant Cardone who has built 4 companies on cold calling that produce a $100 million a year or more in sales believes it’s one of if not THE most important things you need to be doing. When someone like that still advocates for it then I listen and take note. Cold Calling my friends has its place in the sales process for almost all salespeople and companies. That’s why big companies spend big money on cold calling. People hate cold calls yes, the stats stink and if you go by the stats then you wouldn’t do it, but there’s something more to it than the crummy stats and that’s what made Cardone a sales and business superstar!

One tip on Cold Calling that Cardone gives is to “blanket” a market with cold calling for a few days. Make calls and focus on getting appointments for later in the week when you spend two days than calling on those leads in person. He says to even be sure to visit the prospects that hung up on you when you called! That’s right because most people forget 75% or more of what they talked about the previous day and 94% of people don’t remember a single cold call they received in the last 24 months! So CALL and CALL again he says, and be sure to even follow up with a visit!

Now others like the “Hardcore Closer” Ryan Stewman have figured out how to generate leads and make a ton of sales from them in the process. His way works, it’s modern, and it’s a change from what would be considered an “old school way” in what I described Cardone advocating. Both of these men are successful, I mean c’mon GC owns a jet! So who is right and who is wrong? I say neither is right and neither is wrong, they both just found what works for them and that’s what we all need to do to be successful.

So the best advice I can give you is to be open to change when you’re New to Sales and willing to learn new things every day you can. But ultimately you have to find the things which work best for you and how you are most likely to succeed consistently long term. We are all different and selling is very personal and unique, the salespeople who find a genuine sales persona and process do the best and have the most success.

Wrapping it all UP!

Remember, it is very hard to act like someone and something you’re not for too long before you have a hard time keeping up with the unhappiness. You have to be yourself in sales and that will lead to you finding success on your terms. Cold Calling works, Funnels work, social media works, etc. etc. so use them all, get good at them all and maximize your efforts by doing what works for you with an attitude of acceptance towards change so that you’re always in a position to grow and get better, to reach your potential.

This is a very powerful mindset to establish when you’re New to Sales, but you can do it I’m rooting for you and I’m always here to help!

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