When I started selling cars 6 years ago there were 3 pieces of advice given to me that have helped me succeed in this business. I want to share them here in hopes that they may have a positive impact on someone else who may be New to Sales in the automotive industry. We need more professionals selling out there on car lots across America, not a bunch of untrained, unprofessional clerks giving the sales profession a bad name.

So, here’s 3 pieces of advice for anyone starting a career in car sales from the veterans when I started!

Have Fun!

It’s easy to be excited and have fun when you’re new to sales, especially in the car business. But something happens to some salespeople after a little while and they stop having fun and start taking things TOO seriously. I mean, at the end of the day you have to remember that you’re selling cars, not solving world hunger. YES, you do a great service as an automotive sales rep for the customers you serve. However, no one is running in with a gunshot wound asking you to save their life either.

Have fun with your co-workers, have fun with your customers, and enjoy yourself! If you stop having fun, selling cars becomes a lot harder and unenjoyable. Since I have been in the car business I have met some great people, experienced some great successes, and grown as a professional. But most importantly I have had a lot of fun!

Sell Cars!

That’s right, sell cars. So what does that mean anyway? Well, I took it to mean do whatever it takes to get the knowledge and skills to be successful enough to sell a lot of cars! Besides, selling a lot of cars is fun and it’s the name of the game baby! So for me, the advice directed me towards personal development and sales training. Through those two practices, I sharpened my mindset and began setting bigger goals and pushing myself to get good enough to reach them. I remember when I first set the goal to sell 30 cars or more in a single month. I had that goal many times before and failed to hit it, but I’ll never forget the month I did and how it felt to get that commission check!

So do whatever it takes to get good enough to sell a lot of cars, you owe it to yourself. Being a car salesman that doesn’t sell many cars doesn’t make any sense and it’s no fun. Sharpen your skills, watch some videos, read a book, take a course or go to a seminar. Invest in yourself because (as cliche as it is) it’s the best investment you’ll ever make!

Make Money!

Listen, this is sales and in my opinion, salespeople thrive on two things … #1 Helping People, and #2 Making Money. To me, those are the most important things in my sales career in that order. I want to help my customer solve their problem, bring a tremendous amount of value, and make money. I want to cash big commission checks! I know a lot of people get uncomfortable talking about money, but if you’re not focused on how much money you want to make, you’ll be inconsistent with your results in that area. You’ll have good months, great months and even some not so good months instead of consistently great months. If you want financial success in sales you need to make money a priority.

If I want to earn $120,000 a year, I need to make $10,000 a month in commission, which means I have to sell X number of cars and so on. That’s where my focus needs to be. There is a lot of money to be made in the car business if you learn how to sell like a professional, this business has made a lot of financially successful people! But hoping for a good month isn’t going to cut it. You have to set your money goals and take ACTION!

Wrapping it all up!

So there you have it, Have Fun, Sell Cars, and Make Money! I’m grateful that I started my automotive career surrounded by a great group of veterans and car people. These car guys taught me a few things early on, and I believe these 3 simple pieces of advice have helped my success in the car business. If you found this helpful please Share, and feel free to comment below!

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