I have been in the car business for almost 6 years now and the one thing I wish I had done much sooner is focus on building and promoting my personal brand. In today’s world of car sales you need to get above all the noise your customers are distracted by and make yourself, and especially what’s unique about doing business with you known!

I highly recommend to all new salespeople selling cars that they give a lot of thought to what their business plan is, and who they are marketing themselves towards. You’re probably thinking, “What do you mean business plan Scott, I sell cars?” What I mean is that salespeople today need to think about themselves as a business within a business, and establish a personal brand with a clear message.

What’s your niche? What separates you from the other 15 salespeople on your floor selling the same vehicles you are? Why would someone drive in to your dealership to see you and not just go somewhere else? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you need to give it some real thought. These are the things you build your personal brand on, and these are the things you should be making customers aware you bring to the table!

For me and my personal brand message, I pride myself on offering a hassle free, transparent, and professional experience for my customers. But there are things that make me different than the other salespeople selling Honda’s and Nissan’s that keep my customers coming back as well as send friends and family to see me.

When people know what to expect from you, and you consistently deliver on the experience time and time again, your personal brand is solidified. Word of mouth makes your brand stronger. As more and more people seek you for their automotive needs and you deliver on your promise, the more your brand and business grows.

Use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, Instagram, and all the platforms available to you nowadays that are FREE! It is a fact that salespeople who use social media, and who promote their personal brand outsell their peers. So are you taking advantage of this? You don’t have to be a social media guru, just put your thoughts out there and let people know what doing business with you is like!

“Let people know you are more than just someone to sell them a car, but rather someone who handles all their automotive needs!” – Scott Larrabee

The past 2 and half years I have focused hard on my personal brand with every social media post, blog, handwritten note, phone call, and fresh up on the lot. I have begun to break through the noise and reach people with my message. I think of my efforts as the stream beating against the rock, over time persistence and quality content will prevail.

Customers are online, they read reviews and research businesses and salespeople. I know you know that, but I believe sometimes salespeople forget this simple fact. If a customer Google’s me they will find professional articles written by me, a professional page on LinkedIn, Google +, Facebook, a business Page on Facebook, my profile and 5-Star Reviews on DealerRater, a Sales Blog, a website that I created for new salespeople, and many other sources of content and information about me that say I am a professional with a consistent message!

What do customers find out about most salespeople when they research them, nothing! If anything they might find a Facebook page and see some not so professional photo’s and posts. So all I’m saying here to the guy or gal still reading is this…

If you want to be a professional and earn a professional income, you need to give a lot of thought to your personal brand and learn how to promote it effectively!!

If you do, you’ll not only set yourself apart from your competition, you’ll experience great success in your automotive sales career!

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