When you’re New to Sales I believe it’s important to remember you must always stay humble. God resists the prideful and arrogant, and most people do as well. An arrogant attitude is not good for relationships and sales is a relationship business. Because I’ve made this mistake myself and learned the hard way, I want to give you some ideas on how you can remain humble and avoid the pitfalls of arrogance especially if you have found yourself having early success in your career and surpassing those around you with more experience.

I believe that there are no born salespeople, we are all simply born either a boy or a girl. However, it is true that some of us are born with innate abilities that give us an advantage in sales IF we recognize them, develop them, and put them to work for us. If you’re reading this it’s likely you focus on self-development, finding inspiration and motivation, and are probably the kind of person who is good at whatever you put your mind to. That’s great, and there’s nothing wrong with success. You want to set goals to have big success in life whatever that looks like to you because anything less would be a waste of your God-given potential!

However, if you find yourself having success early in your sales career, I want to remind you of these two points:

#1- You’re Too New To Know Any Better


#2- You’re Not The Only Reason For Your Success!

I remember when I first got into sales, I didn’t know the first thing about sales. I was successful early on in my career because I had a good work ethic, I was honest with people and gave my best advice to them, and I genuinely wanted to help solve their problems. From that foundation, my sales career began. I was successful but I had no idea why because I was too new to sales to know any better. I just thought I was good and a natural and that’s how it would always be.

That’s arrogant, and it cost me some time I’ll never get back that I could have been working on my natural abilities to grow them, develop them to more advanced levels and increase my skill and ability with people. It would be a few years into selling before I first discovered motivational speakers, sales leaders and great thinkers like Zig Ziglar, Og Mandino, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and others who began to shape a new mindset in me and help me realize that growth is the only way to truly be successful, because if you’re not consistently growing you’re going backwards, your dead.

I also figured out that if I was going to be successful long-term in my sales career that I was going to have to develop great relationships with all the people that affected the sales process I worked within. I was in retail furniture sales in the beginning years and then moved into the car business before making my home in the mortgage business where I live now. In those early days, I got to know the warehouse crew, the delivery guys, the service team, and repair technician. All of these people played a critical role in the customer experience which ultimately I felt responsible for.

You never have great success without the help of others, often times I know at least in my life, it’s really the help of many others. No matter the sales award or recognition I have received throughout my career, I could give tremendous credit to someone else for me attaining it. I have learned over the years that my relationships with clients are so important, but the relationships with those on my team are just as important if not more. If we are all looking out for each other because we care about each other’s success, the client is going to receive an amazing experience throughout the sales journey.


Wrapping It All Up

So what’s my point? My point is very simple, stay humble especially if you are having great success which I hope you are. If you can make a habit of reminding yourself that you will accelerate your success. If you’re new to sales you may not realize why you’re having so much success early on. As I mentioned, you’re too new to know better so make sure you find a solid mentor. At least have someone who can hold you accountable and help you develop. Mentors don’t have to be someone you meet in person, like many of mine they can be mentors who you follow on YouTube, Podcasts, read their books, follow their social media pages, etc. Just be sure to grow your natural abilities and add constantly to your toolbox of skills.

And finally don’t ever be so arrogant as I have regrettably been guilty of in the past of thinking that your success is a given and you’re the only reason for it. Many people and decisions made your success possible, be humble and give credit to others always, most importantly to God.

As always, if I can be of any help to you or you have some advice or thoughts to add please feel free to comment below and please SHARE with someone who needs to read this! 

Make It A Great Day!


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